Super Camper

Reproduction emblem pair - self-adhesive chromed ABS plastic w/ aluminum insert

Ford Part # D3TZ-16720-K

Replacement # D3TZ-16720-W

Although these are not 100% exact copies of the originals, we are proud of the quality and feel they will be a great addition to any vehicle.

We have not found a specific application reference in our parts catalogs for either of the D3TZ-16720-K or D3TZ-16720-W SUPER CAMPER part numbers. We do believe this to be a 1973 one year only emblem option originally offered for Ford trucks. The only original examples we have found had a D3TB (1973) engineering stamp number. These very well could have been early production vehicles. We believe these trucks were equipped and built the same as the SUPER CAMPER SPECIAL vehicles. These are very unique looking trucks because of the distinctive rear axle and wheel opening placement. The 140" wheel base offers spare tire storage access through a side panel on the right hand passenger side of the pickup box. The two original above mentioned Ford part numbers were short lived in Ford’s history and were both superseded to the D4TZ-16720-D SUPER CAMPER SPECIAL design.

Our research for more information continues on this part and we welcome any outside information known about this item.

These fender emblems are made to resemble the O.E.M. style parts found on 1973-1976 Ford F350 trucks having the SUPER CAMPER and/or SUPER CAMPER SPECIAL packages.

These original style emblem bases could have the following engineering / casting ID numbers: D3TB 16098 B (2 pin style mounting), D3TB 16098 BB or D4TB 16098 BA (3 pin style mounting).

***(Please keep in mind all mentioned reference numbers and descriptions are taken to the best of our knowledge from the sources available to us, such as Master Parts Catalog and/or Master Cross Reference List. Because these trucks have been around for many years, parts books and numbers could have been updated or changed. Over the years vehicles could have had parts replaced from different optioned trucks and/or other model years. It is quite possible any of the emblem types listed on this website may or may not be currently found on trucks matching our application information.)***

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*Disclaimer* Since our emblems are mounted on exterior vehicle surfaces and will be exposed to a great deal of sunlight and varying climates, not all colors will withstand the elements at the same rate. Color fading may or may not occur at different intervals.

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