Emblem Installation Instructions

1. Remove old existing emblem.

2. Clean the area where the emblem mounts. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean rag to remove grease or dirt from the mounting location. Allow the area to air-dry.

3. Use a level or ruler to create a straight line parallel to the ground, marking the location of the emblem against desired surface or body lines. Use painter’s tape to make your guide lines.

4. Prepare the emblem, making sure it’s clean. Be sure to never touch the application adhesive on the back of the emblem after removing the backing tape from the adhesive.

5. Hold the emblem just above the surface in the desired location, using the painter’s tape as a guide to keep the emblem level located properly.

6. Stick the emblem on and hold it in place until the adhesive has had a chance to setup bond on the surface of the vehicle. This usually takes 10 seconds. (Vehicle application surface should be room temperature or above for best results).

7. Peel the clear, thin protective coating from the face of the insert.

8. Sit back and enjoy the compliments your vehicle receives.

Although these are not 100% exact copies of the stamped originals, we are proud of the quality and feel they will be a great addition to any truck.